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A Window Scarf Will Dress Up A Plain Window

 Window Scarf

I made this window scarf using a wooden rod.  I stapled the smaller edge to the rod, then accordian folded the scarf and draped it over the corners of the rod.

The sheer curtain underneath is made the same way as  Simple Curtains. I was fortunate to find the shear fabric that matches the scarf.


  1. Wooden rod or hold backs
  2. Fabric for the scarves and contrasting lining (54" wide)
  3. Staple gun and staples

Decide what rod or "hold backs" (curtain hardware that you install onto your wall or window molding at the top corners of the window. These will hold the draping of the scarf) you want and mount them onto your windows.

Measure the distance between between your rod mountings or hold backs. 

Next, measure how far down from the rod or hold backs you want the tails to fall.

Add together the distance between the hold backs plus twice the length of the tail (you will have a tail on either side of the window).  Add 1 inche for seam allowances.  This is the cutting length of your fabric.

Fold each end of the fabric into the center so that they meat exactly in the middle of the fabric.  Crease each fold.

Unfold and mark a diagonal line from the top edge of the fabric to the crease at the lower edge.  Cut along these lines.  You will now have a piece of fabric that will be in the shape of a trapazoid.  Repeat this for the lining.

With right sides together, sew the fabric and lining together leaving a small opening.  Turn the fabric to the right side.  You can slip stitch the opening. Press.

If you're using hold backs, fold the scarf into accordion pleats and drape it over.

If you're using a wooden rod, staple the shorter side of the scarf to the rod, then fold in the same accordian pleats and drape it over the outside edge of the rod.



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Jo Ann, I owe you a MAJOR thank you! My heartfelt thanks for your efforts with my dress. Everyone loved it.
I am eternally grateful!

Sherry L.                            Margate, N.J.