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How To Make Simple Curtains For Your Windows

 Making curtains for your windows is quite easy.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of curtains do you want on your window...

Do you want curtains just on the window itself...

Do you want the curtains to go from the top of the window to the floor...

Or do you want them to go from ceiling to floor?

Once you decide what type of curtains you want, take measurements.  For example, say you're going to make curtains from the top of the window to the floor.

 Measure the window--in my case the window is 51"X31".  Then measure from the top of the window molding to the desired length you want--ex.82".  Now, add 6 additional inches onto your measurement--3" to create the top casing that the curtain rod goes through and 3" for the hem.    So, now your measurement should be 89".

 This 89" is for one curtain.  Most windows use 2  curtain panels per window. That means you need 2  pieces of fabric at 89". If you're using a sheet as in  Designing A Room On A Budget You will cut your  sheet in half lengthwise and measure both pieces to  89".  Now you have 2 full  panels for your window.

 If you're purchasing new fabric, it's important to know  how wide it is.  Fabrics come in varying widths, 36",  45", 60". It's important to know this because it will  determine how much fabric you need to buy.

 Say for my 31" wide window, and I'm buying fabric  that is 45" wide. I will need to buy 2 1/2 yards per  panel or a total of 5 yards per window. This will give  me enough fullness in the curtains to make the  window look pretty.  If I chose fabric that is 60" wide,  I probably could get away with buying only 2 1/2  yards because once it is cut in 2, the panels should  be wide enough to cover the window.

 Ok...your fabric is ready to sew.  On the sides of the  curtains you want to make a nice neat "hem." With  your iron, press under 1/4", then turn and press  another 1/4".  Make a straight stitch all the way from  top to bottom.  Do this on all your panels.

 For the casing on top. Press under 1/4" then measure  another 2 3/4" and press it down. Sew the casing  closed. This is where the rod will go through. You can  also sew 1/4" from the top to create a small "crown"  on the top of the curtain.  That's up to you.

 Now the hem. Easy...repeat what you just did for the  casing except don't sew a crown at the bottom.

You're done! Great job! Now go hang them up and enjoy them.

[If you want to tie them back, you can use ribbon, or purchase a tie-back from the store to create a decorative touch.]






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