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Create A Pretty Hem With Flexi Lace Hem Tape and Hem Facing


 As I mentioned on the Hems page, I am tall and I always have to let my hems down in my garments.  Often when this happens, there is not very much fabric left to create a decent hem.

 So, what I like to do is use a notion called Flexi Lace  Hem Tape or Hem Facing.  It's a wonderful product  because it allows you to create a pretty finish in your  garment. You can buy them in any fabric store,  Walmart, or any department store that has a fabric  and notion department.

 Here you will see two different Flexi Lace facings.       The first picture shows a Hem Tape that is 3/4"  wide.  This tape is good for when you have at least  half inch to one inch of hem fabric.

 Using Flexi Lace Hem Tape

 After you have measured the length of your hem, iron  it so that the crease remains accurate and flat.   Flexi Lace Hem Tape

 Then, open the hem, and on  the right side of the fabric,  sew the tape onto the edge,  as if it is an extension of the  hem itself.

 Next, turn the hem under again and hand stitch the  hem on the top of the lace edge to the body of the  garment  just like you would a normal hem.  Then  press with a cool iron so as to not melt the lace.

 Now, when you look at it you wll see a very pretty  finished hem.

 I particuarly like using lace hem tape for my skirts and  dresses.  If your skirt blows up, you'll see the pretty    lace on the hem.  It gives it a very nice finished look.

             Flexi Lace Hem Facing

This picture is a Flexi Lace Hem Facing.  The difference is, this lace is    1 3/4" wide.Flexi Lace Hem Facing

This lace facing is wonderful if you have to let your hem down and there is no extra fabric to turn up.  

By sewing this facing onto the right side of the bottom of the garment, then turning it up as a hem, you're creating a "false hem." By this I mean, since you only have about a quarter to half inch to turn up, the lace facing becomes your hem.

Again, it creates a pretty hem should your skirt or dress blow up.

I used contrasting fabric, lace, and thread so you can see how it's to look.  You'll want to pick the lace tape and facing to match the color of the garment.  If it's a print, match it to the background color.



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Jo Ann, I owe you a MAJOR thank you! My heartfelt thanks for your efforts with my dress. Everyone loved it.
I am eternally grateful!

Sherry L.                            Margate, N.J.