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Make cutting your patterns easier and more accurate using a cutting board


     A tool that is invaluable in measuring and cutting fabric is a cutting board.  As you see in this picture, the boards have a large grid on them with each square equalling 1". Along the sides are the measurements that read in inches, feet, and yards. This cutting board is very old but the newest ones on the market also have additional lines on them for quilting.

sewing cutting board

Having the grid makes cutting a straight piece of fabric very easy.  Make sure your fabric is folded completely in half with the selvages together.  Place the folded side along the measurement line on the edge then cut it to your desired length following the grid line.  This will help keep your cut straight.

     Another very important reason to have a cutting board is when you are laying out a pattern.  In the middle of each pattern piece you will see a line with arrows at either end.  It will say, "place pattern on the straight of the grain."  What this means is when you lay the pattern on the fabric, you measure from each arrow tip on the line to the edge of the fabric which should be butt up against the measurement line on the board.   Make sure both ends of the line measure exactly the same.  This ensures your pattern is on the straight of the grain of fabric.  If you do not do this, when you sew your pattern pieces together, the fabric will not match up with the other pieces and all the sections will be off.  Your garment will definitely look homemade.

     If you're hemming curtains, a cutting board will make your life so much easier.  Laying the curtain on the board and using the grid lines to create a straight hem is so much easier than trying to just measure free-hand.

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      The ease with which you will make higher quality sewing projects will astound you.





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